Digital Photography is in its 3rd or 4th year at Tuscola High School.  Originally it was taught in the Macintosh Lab and Photoshop was used for editing photographs.  Currently, with an enrollment in the class of over 20 students, the class has moved to the Windows lab.  Because of the high cost of Photoshop, open source software has been chosen to teach students the art of photography.  With the choice of open source software, students are able to use advanced photo editing techniques that they will be able to employ outside of the school on their home computers.

Currently Picassa is used to organize photos and do simple editing.  Gimp will be used as the Photoshop replacement.  Also, WordPress is used to display photos.

The course will be a project based course.  Points will be given for the completion of each project and the adherence to the project guidelines.  In many cases, students will have variations of the assignments due to the capabilities of their cameras.  Most students have a personal camera.  Those without personal cameras are loaned a school camera for use in the class.

While the use of many different models of cameras adds to the difficulty of teaching the course, it is the intent of the course to make the students the best photographer they can be with the tools they have at hand.

Ultimately, the students will leave the class with the ability to use their camera and software that they can use for free to create great photographs.

Instructor – S. Todd

Tuscola High School

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