Project # 1 “A Day in My Life”

As a photographer, you are responsible for documenting things.  Whether it be a sports event, a political conflict, or a social event, your photos should tell a story.

This story is about you…all in pictures.  Tell about a single day in your life all in photographs.

Be creative.  Think about lighting.  Think about depth of field.  Think about actions or lack of actions.  When is there movement?  When are you solitary or with a group of people.  Are you in the photographs?  Or in the scene? or watching the scene?

The number of pictures is up to you.  But the concept of your “day” must be complete.  That is, one photo won’t do.  However, 50 photos would be too many.  You might as well write a story if you need that many photos.

Your post should simply be titled “A Day in My Life” and contain the pictures in chronological order to convey this idea.

You may not use any “effects” done with a photo editor other than to reduce redeye, change to BW or crop photos.

Have fun.

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