Magazine Cover – Project

Objective:  Design a magazine cover for “Tuscolian”

Photos:  All photos must be taken by you and this week

Articles on Cover:

  1. Main article that refers to cover photo(s) – could be a person, group, object (s)
  2. 3 other articles referenced on cover
  3. 1 photo minimum
  4. Title of Magazine


1.  Search the web for a magazine cover you want to imitate – print a copy of the cover

2.  In Gimp, make a new document 300 ppi, 8.5 x 11

3.  Design cover with 1/4 inch borders – so final page design is 8 x 10.5

Progress Check:  Friday 4/5

Due Date:  Wed (4/12) at the beginning of class

4.  Recreate the design you have printed but with your own content

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