Assignment 5: Download Pictures – Due Friday

Yeah!!!  Finally pictures!!!!  Almost…

By the end of class on Friday you must have the following completed.


1.  Get Picasa up and running on your computer

2.  Download some pictures from your camera on to the computer

3.  Post 6 pictures in two rows of 3 pictures each on your site taken using the automatic setting on your camera.  These pictures can be of anything school appropriate.  NO pictures of people.

In your post of the 6 pictures include an explanation of how you are downloading your pictures to the schools computer for upload onto your site.

Also, write anything you discover about Picasa as you are using it.  You may want to research some of its features.

**Downloading photos to your computer is YOUR responsibility.  Also BATTERIES are your responsibility, and finally, ANYTHING posted on your site, you are responsible for…you approve comments, you make the content.  IF I see or read anything, not deemed school appropriate, it will be brought to the attention of the administration.

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